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Calcium Carbonate 2 oz (Chalk)

Calcium Carbonate 2 oz (Chalk)


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Calcium Carbonate 2 oz

Beer Usage:  Increases the temporary hardness of water. Traditionally used in English stouts, pale ales and bitters.

Wine Usage:  Reduces the acidity of wine. It does not require cold-stabilization to force complete precipitation, as does potassium carbonate. However, calcium carbonate is more likely to affect the flavor than potassium carbonate, and may take a few months to fully precipitate. One-quarter ounce (about 4 teaspoons) reduces acidity in one gallon by about 0.25%. Foaming may occur because of the production of CO2. Do not use more than one ounce per gallon. Wait 24 hours and rack wine. 

Dosage: Varies with acid level
Common name: Chalk