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Red Star Premier Classique 5 g (formerly Montrachet) Yeast

Red Star Premier Classique 5 g (formerly Montrachet) Yeast


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Red Star Premier Classique Yeast (Formerly Montrachet)

Another good all purpose wine yeast used to give complex aromas and flavors, but it really does require proper nutrients to avoid sulfur problems. Especially suited to Chardonnays. Alcohol tolerant to 14%. Ferments from

A strong fermenter with good alcohol tolerance that is useful in producing dry, full bodied red and white wines. Will leave a wine with intense color and excellent flavor complexity while preserving tannin content. This yeast will produce hydrogen sulfide gas in the presence of excess sulfur compounds and therefore should not be used to ferment grapes that contain residual sulfur dust.

Temperature range: 59-86 F. 

Alcohol Tolerance: 13%.