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In Line Plastic Regulator

In Line Plastic Regulator


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In Line Plastic Regulator

An ideal solution if you want to serve different beers at different gas pressures. In a typical multiple line, multiple pressure system you would run a gas line from your main regulator into a secondary regulator where you would set different pressures. While that is ideal it is a little pricey. This in-line regulator lets you set different pressures at a far more reasonable cost. All you do is set the main regulator at the highest pressure we want in the system - for example a keg of soda that you want to carbonate and serve at 25 psi.  Run the gas line into a manifold and then install the in-line regulator after the manifold on each line where you want to decrease the pressure,  

These units do not have a pressure gauge, however you can use an adjustable relief valve/spunding valve on your keg to tell the pressure. Pressure adjustments can be made with a screwdriver.  

The maximum inlet pressure is 150 psi. Made from non corrosive acetyl, nitrile, and stainless parts. The regulator comes with two brass barbs to fit 3/16" tubing on. Alternatively, you can remove the barbs and use 1/4" tubing directly on the regulator. The aluminum manifolds linked above feature 1/4" barbed outlets and are a good match with this regulator. 

Can also be used with liquids.  


  • Works with 0 - 150 psi
  • Works with both gas and liquid
  • Comes with two brass barbs
  • Has two mounting points
  • Made from non corrosive acetyl, nitrile, and stainless parts