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Chugger Pump SS Center Inlet 115 Volt

Chugger Pump SS Center Inlet 115 Volt

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The new Chugger X-Dry model has been modified to include Run Dry Protection.  Long gone are the days of worrying about burning out your motor or warping the impeller.  With its updated FDA Approved Carbon Bearing Materials, running this pump un-primed won’t damage a thing.  

Please note, the Chugger X-Dry Home Brew Pump is not Self Priming, so while you CAN run it dry, the pump will still require liquid to be flowing to it in order to pump liquid to your destination.


  • FDA Approved Carbon Bearing Materials
  • Run Dry Protection
  • Electrical: 115 50/60HZ
  • ½” MPT Connections
  • Stainless Steel Pump Head
  • Max Flow: 7 Gallons per minute
  • Max Head: 18 Feet
  • Max Temp: 250°F
  • 1/20 Horsepower
  • Non-Submersible