Crusher/De-Stemmer Stainless Stand and Chute

Crusher/De-Stemmer Stainless Stand and Chute


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This stand is specially designed and manufactured just tall enough to allow grapes to drop directly into a fermenter or transfer container. It stands high enough to use our 32 Gallon food-grade containers. A regular garbage can can be placed at the end of the unit to collect stems. By using this stand you eliminate the need to move the must and stems from container-to-container, thus saving time and energy. This model fits our series of EnoItalia Crusher/Destemmers.

Please Note: This stand comes broken down, and will require assembly.

Estimated Overall dimensions: Footprint: 32 1/4" long x 22" wide Height: 32" high. Top Tray Inside dimensions 32" long x 14" wide